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Parlify - conversation practice for language learning

Parlify is for suggesting topics for conversation. You can use it here online or you can get the app version which needs no internet connection. It runs on iPhones, iPads, and Android phones or tablets.

It is primarily intended for help in learning a foreign language. If you are doing regular conversation practice in your new language (which you should be) then sooner or later you will run out of topics. It can be used for conversation practice in any language, as long as you know enough English to understand the questions. If the language you are learning is not English then your first task is to translate the question when you read it out.

It has around 270 topics, mostly in the form of questions. It is very simple to use - it displays a question, and when you have done discussing it you can press the Next button to display another. The questions are original (though of course it is inevitable that some will seem familiar as there are only so many topics suitable for general discussion) and we hope that you will find them interesting. The list is not padded out with silly questions which you would have to skip over.

It does not have any questions relating directly to religion, politics, or romantic relationships. It does however have some questions that children would probably not find interesting, such as those relating to the world of work, and philosophical questions. Obviously you can skip over any question that doesn't seem suitable.

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The app has no in-app purchases and no advertising. That's why it isn't free, though it doesn't cost much.

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The last screenshot shows "dark mode" (available on iOS 13 and Android 10). It did occur to me that in dark mode the app should switch to an alternative set of really depressing questions, but you'll be happy to hear that I resisted that temptation.

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